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Suiting Vest

Sale price$225.00


Meet the best-fitting garment you’ll own.

Private fitting - in person or virtually

During the fitting, we’ll talk you through selecting all the details, from the fabric to lining to buttons to collars and lapels. If that sounds like a lot, don't worry; we'll guide you through this part.

Made to your specifications

Every garment is made entirely to the measurements of the customer, at our family-owned maker in Portugal.

Delivered to you

Once the garments are delivered to us, we inspect them and prepare them for rapid shipping and delivery to you.

If anything needs to be tweaked, we’ll cover it and note it for the future.

Find your Perfect Fit — from home

Get Fitted with our Home Try-On Kit

Create a custom size from the comfort of your home, by trying on two standard-size garments and discussing how they fit with one of our fit specialists.

Pick 2 sizes, discuss with us, and return it - it's that simple.