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Signature Sports Jacket

Sale price$2,095.00

Let our Signature Sport Jacket introduce you to the best fabrics in the world, from famed Italian mills like Loro Piana and Caccioppoli to the legendary Scottish maker Harris Tweed, whose fabrics are still handwoven on centuries-old manual looms. Our hand-selected fabrics include the finest 150s and 160s worsted wool (similar to thread count), and blends that include alpaca and vicuña from the Andean plains, known as “the most luxurious fabric in tailoring.”

This sport jacket is simply the top-of-the-line, with the buttonholes, buttons, collar, and sleeves being hand-sewn or attached by hand. The jacket includes a 100% horsehair full canvas, meaning that it will start shaping to your body as soon as you put it on. And while we always lean towards a soft, natural shoulder (we often do a spalla camicia, meaning that it's stitched like a shirt shoulder and has more range of motion), we’re happy to do something more structured if that’s preferred.

This is the finest sports jacket we make, from the most luxurious fabrics in the world, with an unmatched level of service, resulting in a piece that will be treasured for generations.


  • Entirely made-to-measure and tailored to fit you perfectly
  • Total control of details: from the lapels to the lining, buttons, pockets, melton, shoulder, thread
  • Full, medium, soft, or spalla camicia shoulders
  • Full canvas, 100% horsehair construction (half-canvas is available, too)

Shipping: Free two-day shipping in the USA.

Photos: Our photos are of real client orders. We add and update photos regularly.

Our Signature Sports Jacket starts at the price displayed and may increase substantially depending on the fabric selected. Please inquire for more details.

Worn by Harrison

Meet the best-fitting garment you’ll ever own.

Heres how made-to-measure works.


1. Purchase or schedule.
Our private in-person fittings may be scheduled here or, if you prefer to place an order first, we’ll send you an email to schedule your fitting.

2. Private fitting, in person or virtually.
During the fitting, we’ll talk you through selecting all the details, from the fabric to lining to buttons to collars and lapels. If that sounds like a lot, don't worry; we'll guide you through this part.

3. Made to your specifications.
Every garment is made entirely to the measurements of the customer, at our family-owned maker in Portugal.

4. Delivered to you.
Once the garments are delivered to us, we inspect them and prepare them for rapid shipping and delivery to you.

5. Finishing touches.
If anything needs to be tweaked, we’ll cover it and note it for the future.


Real, natural fabrics.

We've hand-selected our core fabric collection from incredible mills from around the world.


Centuries-old mills.

We work only with exceptional fabrics from the best mills across Italy and England. Our cashmere and wool come from centuries-old makers for heritage quality, many of them still using centuries-old manual looms.




Nicolau N.

Shepherd’s is fantastic.


“I didn’t know what I was missing.”

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This team has gone above and beyond.

Brandon K.

“Fantastic... came out perfect.”

Mike S.

“An exceptional experience from start to finish.”

Braden J.

“Extremely high quality... and super easy.”

Matt M.

“The best and easiest service I’ve ever experienced!”

Andrew L.

I looked amazing.

Kent S.

“The nicest suit I’ve ever owned.”

Caden Z.

“Absolutely first-class experience.”

Nick P.

Incredible to work with.

Andrew R.


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