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Grenadine Tie

Sale price$90.00

We love the interplay of casual and formal in a knitted tie, and even more so if it’s knotted with a dash of sprezzatura. Ours are woven in a method called garza fina, so named for its tight, fine weave. The silk used to make them is sourced from the Lake Como region, long the heart of the Italian silk trade. The ties are made entirely by hand, with small detailing that signifies their quality.


  • Thinly lined with cotton, so that it will practically float on your neck yet retain a beautiful, classically sized knot
  • The tip of the tie—that pointed end at the bottom—is rolled by hand, which makes it just slightly asymmetrical, and in our view, all the better
  • Made in Italy

What is Grenadine?
A grenadine tie is a tie made of silk, which is woven, rather than being knitted. Shepherd’s ties are woven in a method that is called garza fina, which is a tight, fine weave. The silk comes from the Lake Como region of Italy, which is the Mecca of fine Italian silks. Our ties are 100% hand-made and feature small details that set them apart.
Extremely thin cotton interlining.

Most cheap ties have a thick interlining, which prevents them from forming an ideal knot.

Ours have a barely-there thin interlining, allowing the natural silk to knot attractively.

A tell-tale sign of the workmanship that goes into our ties are their hand-rolled tips. As such, they are not completely symmetrical—which is just how we like them. Look closely, and you can detect not-perfectly-straight lines where the point comes together. Meaning: someone sewed that by hand.



Wardrobe Essential

Grenadine Tie
Grenadine Tie Sale price$90.00

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If anything needs to be tweaked, we’ll cover it and note it for the future.


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We've hand-selected our core fabric collection from incredible mills from around the world.


Centuries-old mills.

We work only with exceptional fabrics from the best mills across Italy and England. Our cashmere and wool come from centuries-old makers for heritage quality, many of them still using centuries-old manual looms.




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